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Wilson B, is a music producer who's worked with a variety of companies, recording studios, and artists in need of music for songs or advertisement purposes. Here to help your brand make the impact you've always wanted,  through a variety services. Wilson B offers mixing & mastering, custom beats, ghostwriting, and connections to a network of influencers, music artists, photographers, and more.


Wilson B. 

Mixing and mastering, custom beats, custom royalty-free tracks for business marketing, and ghostwriting. Get started right away with the project builder!

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Mixing & Mastering

With over a half a decade of experience under his belt, his mixing & mastering skills will give your tracks the sound and feel that you've envisioned to make them reach their fullest potential.

Custom beats/ royalty free tracks

With over a decade of experience under his belt as a musician, Wilson B uses his composition skills to create the perfect beats tailored for any artist, and even offers royalty-free tracks for business marketing.

Beat Catalogue

With a variety of 50+ beats, that allows you to choose from hip-hop, trap, R&B and more. If none of the pre-made beats suit your niche, feel free to go to the project builder and request a custom beat tailored just for you. 


If you are an artist or brand who wants to collaborate with Wilson B and his interactive brand, click the link below to get into contact with this scenic producer. With guaranty of a response within 48 hours.


NUMB.(Feel Again)

Wilson B.

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