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Studio time

Click the link to book a studio session.

Mixing & mastering

I will mix and master a song for you along with many other services.


You can contact me and I can consult with you about your song and steps to take to be more successful in your music career.

"Music that you can't just hear, but you can feel too"

Wilson B has been producing longer than he's been writing music. With being a well-rounded musician, Wilson B also understands all of the aspects of music to make every song he's a part of shine bright and does not rest until a song is at its full potential.


PTE Studios

"The studio should always be a vibe"

Pure Talent Entertainment Studios, founded by Wilson B, is his own studio where an artist of any genre can come in with even just a small song idea and walk out with a completed, professional-sounding song that they can be proud of. Wilson B believes that a studio should have a great vibe for an artist to be comfortable enough to bring out their best energy onto their songs.



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